Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

The greatest passion of my life is to _________ but I never quite achieved that.
I have not the discipline & concentration to practice & persevere through.
I am excitable but not sustainable.
You say the miracle is in the house.
Where is my miracle for _________ breakthrough?
My soul is starved.

I look fear in the eye and smash it into a thousand pieces with the Spirit of God.

1 Sam 3:10 "Now the Lord came and stood and called..."

Who God calls, He equips. Who He equips, He anoints to do the job. No matter what the level of my ability, God has equipped and anointed me with more potential than I can use.

And I shall go forth rejoicing, for my God reigns from Zion.

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Richard Emblin said...

Thanks fro writing in my blog, and the appreciation for my pictures. I appreciate it very much.

Keep writing, Richard