Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Will Be Mightier Yet

"The world was made for the body, the body for the soul, and the soul for God." - Victor Hugo

From the lyrics of an unknown song:
"My God who made me mighty shall make me mightier yet."

The hand of God brought and is continually bringing growth, strength, development & might into my life. I have not arrived, in fact, God forbid that I should ever stand tall & proud and proclaim that I have arrived - for I have yet a world unexplored, words unspoken, books unwritten, music unheard, songs uncomposed, love unshared, concerned unshown, sacrifices unmade, talents unreleased, dreams unfulfilled, impossibilities unconquered.

Yes, God forbid that I drop before my time and do not accomplish these. Lord seal my life with Your greatness, strength & might.

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