Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Drummer Review: Carter Beauford

Notice I'm onto a different flow here these days yeah? Yep, this is the 2nd drummer review in a row. More to come I suspect. ;p

My inspiration of the day: watching Carter Beauford do his stuff for the song Say Goodbye with Dave Matthews Band. Such fluidity & agility in his strokes, playing with both arms. A true ambidextrous!

Sadly I've not quite mastered the technicality of inserting a video on my blog, otherwise I'd gladly share that awe inspiring video of Carter Beauford with you. I'll not stay ignorant for long, I promise. The video and more will be up soon. Hang in there. Till then, groove on ya'll peeps. :)

P/S: A big warm thank you to JO for his love & effort in downloading some 90 over videos of drummers' specials for my learning & inspiration purpose. I thank God for causing our paths to cross. You play an important role in my musical pursuit which has otherwise stayed dormant for the past many months.
Yee-haa.. here I come a-blazin' with fresh fire for 'em grooves!

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