Monday, February 20, 2006

Break Of Dawn

Beauty is all around
If you take time to marvel...

The first 9 pictures were taken at the break of dawn from between 0650 to 0700 hours at where I live at BNV...

(1) Notice the slight pinkish hue and a solitary star left of the tree?

(2) & (3) Capturing the pinkish hue still

(4) Arising sun? Nope, that's just a fragment of the street lamp. :)

(5) Now that sure looks like the sun, doesn't it?
(6) The street lamp in full view

(7) Circle of Light

(8) Horror of horrors! The sun crashed into a HDB block at the break of dawn!

(9) Cosmic Shot? Far from it. Bottom left is just a street lamp disguising as the sun. The star at the top is real though

1030 hours Kranji MRT, S'pore

1915 hours Taman Pelangi, JB

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