Monday, February 20, 2006

Joseph - From Pit To Throne

Gen 37:1-2

V.1: "Now Jacob dwelled in the land where his father was a stranger, in the land of Canaan."

V.2: "This is the history of Jacob. Joseph, being seventeen years old, was feeding the flocks with his brothers."

Note especially verse 2, "This is the history of Jacob. Joseph, being seventeen years old..."

It's interesting to note how the Bible sets out to speak about Jacob, but immediately turned around and introduced Joseph, Jacob's son. And the remaining chapters of the book of Genesis henceforth from chapter 37 to 50 (except for chapter 38 where it talks about Judah & Tamar) detailed out Joseph's amazing lifestory.

The glory of Jacob's old age was his son Joseph. Dwelling in a foreign land where circumstances overwhelm the household of Jacob (as strangers in a foreign land under foreign government, system & culture, during a time of famine & lack), Jacob's son, Joseph, thrown into a pit of destruction (under the conspiracy of his jealous brothers), rose to a position of power & authority (in Pharaoh's court) to deliver his family from being ruled by circumstances (in Canaan) to ruling in triumph (in Egypt).

The hand of the Lord was with Joseph in all that he did because he walked his highs & lows with the Lord, never once turning resentful or spiteful for the injustice inflicted upon him.

Indeed, attitude determines destiny.


OLiVia said...

Dear Angie, that was an awesome, and marvellous post that you just did there!
[By the way, I am not saying "awesome" just because Pst just preached on that. Ha Ha. I have been saying it since I got saved, my cellgroup leader put that into me. Hehe]

I love it. The title is incredible! The entry "shook" me, you know, like just sitting there, quiet for a few moments that kind.

No one can rob you of your calling.

Keep on keeping on. It IS a fight, but it will be a good fight because you are a good fighter! The Lord is your Rock as you've said. Standing together with you. *Hugs*. Thanks for everything tooooo (^_^)


Angeline Tan said...

Wow Oli, I'm truly honored & humbled by your extravagant praises. You're simply an amazing encourager. :)

Hey girl, I believe in you too. Our God who made us mighty will make us mightier yet. This I hold on closely to my heart. I pray that you too. ;) Cheerios baybee!