Sunday, February 05, 2006


I know I am loved just by looking at the wonderful people God has brought into my life. I must have found favor in His sight because He pays special attention to each need & niche.

Last Dec saw one of the lowest moments in my life, and in the midst of the apparent bleak darkness, I received a gift from Mike, a painstakingly, carefully soldered art piece of a leave springing forth, a symbol of growth in God's loving hands. A snapshot of the masterpiece here do not do justice to the beaty of the art piece which carries more than a symbol of art - to me personally, it carries a message of faith, hope & love.

Because this gift came in the deepest of my valley, and the Bible verses which Mike specially inscripted on the art piece are taken from the book of the prophet Joel, one of my favourite books, though it be less read and expounded upon.

This gift carries nothing short of a message from above: "I love you my daughter, though you may fall, though you may whine, My hand of grace & love isn't too short for comfort."

What more can I say? I'm in awe of God's love.

Thanks Mikey.


mikekoo said...

Every cause is not a coincidence, especially you are in God's hand. Everytime when u receive a gift is nt by chance, especially u r the child of God. Love is so wonderful, especially is from God. When i started to make this artwork, i dun know who will i give. Just a picture from heaven and i captured tt image, created it onto the piece of wood. Only the plant staying on the water, two years ago... And on Dec 2005, God gave me the rest of the image, i captured and continued on the artwork. It was completed. God told me, the artwork belongs to you. However the artwork short of bible versus. I prayed hard and God gave me the versus. It is nt a coincidence tt i used the book of Joel, but God who gave me the versus. Praise the Lord!! That God used me to encourage u tt u will HARVEST and be LOVED!!!

Angeline Tan said...

Yep, it's amazing that if God can chart out the entire course of mankind from Genesis to Revelation and thousands of years till present, surely our lives are not out of His marvelous plan!

Thanks for being the channel in which God touched my life. :)