Thursday, May 18, 2006

Concluding Marriage Quotes

Marriage means handing over yourself, your body, your future, your keeping to the one whom you dearly love, although this person may in many ways remain a stranger.

This tremendous act of faith is something that can unlock in each lover powers of compassion, generosity, joy, passion, fidelity and hope that no one guessed was even there.

That is why the confidence of young lovers is not foolish or arrogant, but an expression of a basic fact in human experience, that the greatest of human gifts are set to work only when people are prepared to risk everything. And first you risk it before God.

The above quotes were made by Ravi Zacharias in his message "I, Isaac Take you Rebekah" available on podcast via iTunes. Search for "Ravi Zacharias" under podcasts. He has 2 programmes: Just Thinking & Let My People Think. Both are phenomenal.

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