Friday, May 05, 2006

Marina Mahathir

In all aspirations, there is often a neglect of home-grown resources or resources within the vicinity of one's background, experience and knowledge.

One good example, of which I am humbled, is my new found discovery of Ms. Marina Mahathir, a prolific writer and Muslim apologist, whose mention of name would have you immediately associate with Malaysia's former premier, Dr. Mahathir Muhammad.

Hailing from Malaysia, I realised how much of a well-frog I have been, oblivious to the many intellects, writers and thinkers in my nation who are progressively making headlines with their contributions in their respective fields of expertise.

Ms. Marina Mahathir is no small name in the Muslim as well as international world. From the many acclaims of his service in the Malaysian political scene, Dr. Mahathir has been hailed as the engine of modern Malaysian growth, and given his leadership calibre and keen mind, his offspring is no less significant in the intellect department as well.

As staunch a Muslim as she may be, and contrary to the expected behaviorials of staunch faithful adherents of certain groups, she is a liberal minded and impartial thinker and writer. Maybe it is her social background - she is twice married to foreigners and lives overseas.

It is truly liberating to know that there are Muslim advocates for an impartial judgment of Malaysia.

In an article she wrote for the AsiaWeek magazine, the title of her article reads:
A Need To Truly Value Women, and a quote to which I applaud with all enthusiasm: "In Malaysia, we should change the way society looks at their (women's) roles." (Click on the bold & underlined caption to read the full article)

A highly interesting read, please do not pass this up. You are sure to be as liberated as I am!

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