Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thomas Lang

"The pulse of life is the heart as the pulse of music is the drum." - yours truly, ahem! A.T.

Here's one young, superb and promising drummer-cum-producer, Thomas Lang. Below are excerpts from his homepage.

“To play the unplayed… ” That is the self-proclaimed lifelong aspiration of drummer/producer Thomas Lang. Given his astonishing independence of limb and his stalwart dedication to improving his craft – Lang’s aspiration is more than well on the way to reality. Thomas Lang has dedicated his life to the exploration of all things drum.

A native of Vienna, Austria, Lang took up drums at the tender age of five. Inspired by a televised performance of a heavy metal band, Lang assessed (quite rightly!) that he wanted to be a drummer when he grew up because, “the drummer looked like he was the boss – AND he got to sit down!”

I religiously follow a constantly-evolving practice routine. It’s not glamorous, but for me daily practice is a principle source of growth and inspiration in my playing,” says Lang.

Despite his reputation as an innovative and prolific drummer, Lang has a surprising take on technique. “Technique has nothing to do with music. It’s like a tool, like a hammer. You can build a shed – or you can build the Sistine Chapel,” Lang told Modern Drummer magazine. “Some days I want a shed – some days I want the Sistine Chapel – or a villa… or maybe a bowling alley…!

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