Monday, May 15, 2006

Phil Wisdom On Struggles

International speaker, preacher, author, painter, song writer, Phil Pringle from CCC Australia phenomenally expounds on an issue very often you and I are abashed to share publicly and struggle privately.

May you find encouragement and inner strength from the truth shared below, a direct excerpt from Phil Pringle's message:

God wants your attention more than He wants to give you your results. He does want you to have your results - that glorifies Him, but He knows that giving you results without your attention on Him as No. 1 is gonna destroy you; it's gonna damage you; it'll steal your heart. So He will always arrange for things to be in your life that will get your attention.

Jacob in Hebrews 11 "by faith he blesses his children, blessing God, leaning on a staff."

Jacob had a limp, and he had a limp all his life. God never fixed that problem up. Jacob always got to walk with a walking stick.

Faith is not a thing for a moment. It's a thing for a lifetime.

So that everyday, even though you've got a limp, you get up and you walk again. You lean on a staff and God isn't fixing the problem, but the very strength that it takes for you to get up and go, in spite of a limp in your life causes you to finish your life, worshipping your God and blessing your children. You have no cynical attitude, but you're a worshipper and a blesser of the people in your world.

People struggles with all sorts of areas in their lives. Some struggle with their sexuality, some with eating disorders, some with drugs or alcohol addiction - and it doesn't seem to get fixed. For many people their addiction never really got fixed; they are always susceptible to it, and they walk through life with a limp. And God doesn't fix it. Coz He wants your attention more than He wants your comfort.

The first half of the book of Hebrews is about people who had a moment of faith and they got set free from the mouth of the lions, but the second half of the book of Hebrews is about ppl who didn't get set free, but still had faith and lived above their circumstances.

Remember the movie "A Beautiful Mind". John Nash, a mathematical genius, made an astonishing discovery early in his career and stood on the brink of international acclaim, but soon found himself on a painful and harrowing journey of schizophrenia. His problem never got fixed but he managed to live above it and ended up receiving a Nobel Prize.

Understand this, there are many things that God will fix in your life - tonnes of things, but generally there's just one thing - one thing you pray e'day of your life "If only I could get rid of this" - and you find yourself stretched by that thing - and that causes you to grow. That gives you prosperity on the inside.

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