Friday, January 13, 2006

Mocha Thoughts

Mocha With Max... that's a good read you can't miss. Read it on a wet, chilly nite after a warm shower, sitting on your bed or reclining in your favourite chair or comfy spot on the carpet in your room - have Max for company. Here are a couple of excerpts from "Mocha With Max" ( I don't wanna quote too many to get myself entangled with copyright issues!)
P/S: Comments in italics below are mine. :)

1. Your place in heaven was more important to Christ than His place in heaven, so He gave up His so you could have yours.

-could there be a greater expression of love & sacrifice than Christ's? None come close.When you don't feel loved or appreciated, here's when you need to remind yourself of your self worth in Christ. He did it all for you. You're definitely worth the shed blood.

2. Play hard, laugh hard & leave the worries to your Father.

-oh what a consolation! That we don't have to get all tensed up & fret over the many things that had and could and would go wrong. Chill it - play hard, laugh hard, & leave your worries, anxieties & problems to your Father who gladly receives them all.

3. One of God's cures for weak faith? A good, healthy struggle.

-I don't need to condemn myself at times when I feel my faith draining out & I'm hard-presed on every side. God is working His solution at that very moment. In short, don't get too depressed on your way down that you fail to see the rescue aid from above.

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