Saturday, January 21, 2006

Quotes Of Truth

How the human mind starves for truth & wisdom! I've been tremendously impacted & blessed by the ministry of Ravi Zacharias, apologist & teacher of the Word of God based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Below are astounding quotes from the man, which I leave with you:

With meaning, many things are bearable.

Your prejudices can easily distort your perceptions. If you have a prejudice against a certain individual, it'll distort how you perceive who he is and what he does.

Who Jesus was allowed Him to do what He did. The pharisees lost sight of who Jesus was (the Son of God); therefore they did not gain the legitimate impact of what He did (His healing ministry & redemptive works).

Where the glory of God dwells, there the voice of God is heard.

God is speaking; when we understand it, He reveals more.

Righteousness is internal, self aggrandizement is fatal, obedience is crucial and responsibility is personal.

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