Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Calling

At a crossroad of making a major move in life, to pursue the education that I so deeply desire since I was little; I was browsing through my archives once again (as I do ever so often, b'coz I'm my own literature's biggest fan!), and saw my journal penned in April 2003 titled "My Calling".

As the world hangs on the brink of the latest news, and at this current moment, whether President George Bush will mark his word and bomb Iraq, and now that he has, this world-shaking event has sparked something deeper in my soul. I look deep inside my heart and can only safely say – I want to be a journalist. Never mind the low pay, never mind the incredulous hours, never mind the void of social life. This my life I live for my calling, to the fullest.

April 2003

Yet another one penned on 15/07/03:

Lord I believe all dreams are possible. If I can bring my dreams to You, You can make them work for me. Amen!

Lord I wanna be a journalist. People tell me that the hours of a journalist are very irregular, robbing one of all social and private activities. Lord if being a journalist is gonna rob me of the time to serve You, I'd rather give it up. But I believe Lord that every seed of desire for a great dream is put in my heart by You. And if it was You who planted such a seed, surely You have already provided a way where You can help me fulfil that dream and yet serve You full on. Lord please do not let me be discouraged for once and attempt to give up on this dream. Everytime I watch Channelnewsasia on tv I tell myself someday I'm gonna be up there reporting the latest news. Lord revive my dream, prepare me for it and give me the faith to hang on till it comes true. Amen.


Lord, make a way for me I pray.

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